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Production Services - LIVE Insurance

If you work in production services, you have unique and specific insurance requirements.

Specialist Insurance

Using our experience working with your industry sector, Precision Broking has designed a range of specialist insurance covers to meet the individual risks you face.  Our policies offer:

  • Tried and tested policy wording.
  • Specialist liability and property cover.
  • Extension of cover to contract sites across the world.
  • Reduced number of policy exclusions.
  • Full theft cover.

Liability Cover

Specialist policy cover offers:

  • Worldwide Geographical and Jurisdiction Limits
  • No exclusion for structures during build
  • No exclusion for equipment being worked upon
  • No height limits
  • Flexible policy to meet specific contractual requirements.

Property Cover

With large amounts of equipment at risk, our policy offers:

  • Full theft cover at premises, during load, transit (National and Worldwide), load-in, operation, and load-out.
  • Overnight cover on loaded vehicles
  • Covers to pick up increased costs of losses on contract sites
  • Loss of revenue cover for contract sites across the World including transit.

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